Are YOU purchasing travel insurance

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Are YOU purchasing travel insurance coverage that is almost USELESS?

Millions of holidaymakers are securing cover which have limitations for regular interruptions such as lost prized possessions or cancelled flights, it is feared.

Almost half of policies just cover up to 3,000 of pre-paid travel and accommodation, contrast site found when analyzing numerous popular products.

Yet, family holidays beyond Europe can quickly cost far more than this arbitrary sum.

About half will only cover items worth 250 or less, indicating damage or lost laptops, phones and video cameras could be denied by suppliers.

More than one in ten policies likewise leave out for missed departures, with a 3rd failing to pay for missed UK connections, according to

Less expensive policies are more than likely to be riddled with cautions and exclusions.

The website stated travel authorities are generally the longest out of any insurance coverage product with a typical 26,000 words - taking practically an hour and a half to read.

The lengthy files are believed to add to an absence of understanding by consumers and failure to know essential exemptions.

Customers are even more most likely to be stung by terms and conditions when they purchase cover at the last minutes.

Buying near the date of travel likewise implies holidaymakers will not be covered if they have to cancel their holiday after making a booking.

Gemma Sonfield, head of travel insurance at, stated: Despite the reality that they are developed to provide peace of mind, travel insurance policies can lead to significant costs for those who fail to check out the small print.

" Terms and conditions can be lengthy, however failure to read them means lots of people may assume they are covered in all circumstances when they remain in fact not.

" Many fall under the trap of purchasing insurance at the last minute, which implies that they may not receive a cent if they had to cancel their vacation suddenly in the run up to going away, and a proportion of products provide no cover for frequently inevitable bad lucks such as missed out on flights."

He added: Cheaper policies may look appealing but typically have greater excesses and stiff exclusions. As ever, it is necessary that clients completely research travel insurance suppliers and tailor any policy to their specific holiday and requirements.